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Ice Pack Packing Machine

This series dry technic ice pack packing machine can automatically pack the 24 cubes 12 cubes 9 cubes 8 cubes 6 cubes 4 cubes 2 cubes one cube ice pack. There are 2 layers, 3 layers and 4 layers model, which can satisfy the reusable type ice pack packing as well. Reeling pads system and penetrating function optional. The reeling system can reel the pads into rolls and the user can dspense the pads in rolls with dispensing machine. The penetrating function can make micro holes on the pads on the plastic film side, which can ensure the passing of water liquid during the using. The machine can use with different material like non woven fabric, paper, aluminun, composite PE plastic film etc. This series machine can be used for packing meat absorbent pads for absorbing the liquid and humidity inside the meat box or vegetable box.The machine can fill the aborsobent material SAP, super absorbent polymer, silicon gel etc, and pack it into double material sachet. This series machine can also pack different size of ice bag ice pack with different size.
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