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Tea Packing Machine

This series tea packing machine includes different model: tea bag inner and outer bag packing machine with thread and tag, pyramid tea bag inner and outer bag packing machine, perforated tea stick inner and outer bag packing machine, tea pods inner and outer bag packing machine etc. The volumetric cups dosing system for granuled shape type tea and the weighing type dosing system can weighing different shapes of tea. These 2 dosing systems can realize different dosing and filling of different tea type like green tea, black tea, celyon black tea, white tea, scented tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, Mugi-cha tea, flower tea, Pu er tea, white peach oolong tea etc. The macine can make perforating punching holes on the tea stick, filling the tea into the stick sachet, and pack the inner tea stick sachet into an outer envelope bag, the whole process is full automatic and completed by one machine. This series has single line model and multi lines model according to the production capacity of the user.
Dongguan Foison packing machinery technic Co,.ltd has been devoting to the research , development and manufacture of packaging equipment and keep developing new products to meet and satisfy your requirements.

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